NIMs is excelling in offering top quality services. We put our every effort into providing customers with superb value, relevant technologies, customized systems, reliable support as well as products and services that are easy to buy and use. As the main field of our expertise is web development we always strive to master more and more new spheres building up professional teams and taking part in various on-line and off-line web related projects. Our basic focus is on the comprehensive web development technologies that from our viewpoint make up the future of the Internet. On this page you can view the description of NIMs products. We have worked on these web software products for over a year until we've made sure every our customer can find exactly what he is looking for. Besides, we always keep our customers up to the latest product news. Don't miss your market!

   WEB design and programming


   MULTIMEDIA authoring


Turnkey solutions


Just hosting



One element of a website that often gets overlooked is its copy. NIMs ensures that copy is a vivid and thematically integral part of each site, and that it is strategically weighted with keywords for optimal search engine performance.


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